Support reducing help guides with Active Screenshots

Create Ikea like step-by-step help guides, write less show more.
With Cliperado your screenshots are automatically up to date.

Active Screenshots™

Cliperado automatically keeps the screenshots up to date.

Any redesign, any UI change, any wordsmithing, your screenshots will be pixel perfect.

Let your screenshots do the talking

Use screenshots to create deep step-by-step guides, with less text. Screenshot heavy docs are easier to produce and cheaper to maintain.

Clips are hosted online by us

Create clips by slicing sections from the screenshots.

Add arrows, or dimmed overlays to focus on what's important.

Clips are hosted on our CDN and instantly updated when the screenshot changes.

Combine clips and devices into compositions

Create awesome compositions of your screenshots.

Help Center

Create help articles and step-by-step guides, in multiple languages.

The language of the clips, is automatically matched.

Screenshots in help center are first class citizens.

Use Cliperado with

Compare new & old screenshots

Approve the new screenshot, updates the clips

The old and new screenshot is compared to find the differences. You might have to move your markup around a bit, when the layout is changed. Once you approve the new screenshot, the clips are updated.

With Cliperado

Your screenshots will always be up to date, automatically. You can even use them for quality control. Multiple languages, not a problem. 2000 screenshots, piece of cake. No Photoshop, no Skitch, no hunting for changes.

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